Avenue Feedback

Avenue is continuously providing opportunities for young people, and adults and children alike, through our array of projects - with great success and positive outcomes. See what some of them have to say about their experiences...

Gary - (23) ...

"Well what can I say blast from the past was amazing to go back to valley fm studio. Where it felt like I never been away it's amazing that valley fm was a hard project to put together. Just wow to believe that valley fm has grow and has become apart of Bo'ness which is the dream we had from the start. But I think there a new dream for valley fm with it family growing year in and out the dream will always be endless and myself will always be apart of it and it to me"

Hollie-Beth - (28) ...Valley fm

"I was volunteering with the Youth Group and involved in the Academy Lunch Time Radio when we decided to launch Valley FM. It was a pretty big idea, and a lot of people didn't think it would ever make it out of the planning stages. But all our volunteers and young people pulled together to create a week of great, individual broadcasts. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my love of musicals over the airwaves. And the fact that it is still going strong 10 years later is a testament to the young people of Bo'ness, and all our amazing volunteers who continue to create new opportunities that allow our younger generation to grow and develop their confidence within the local community, and help them find their way in this world. Thank you to everyone involved over the last 10 years, here's tot he next 10!
Hollie-Beth Horn Xx"

Jennifer 20 ...V10 - Valley Fm 2015

"Aw it was so long ago haha! Emmm.. my time on valley fm was great fun. It was a laugh and everyone was really friendly. I am happy to have had the chance to take part in valley fm, even if it was only the once!"

Stacey - 19 ...V10 - Valley Fm 2015

"I remember hearing about Valley FM the first time when I was in primary school. But it wasn't until I was at the academy and had been going to the youth club for a while with my friends that Victoria and I volunteered to do show. We were so excited by the fact that we got to present our own slot on a radio station. Going there every Friday was the best thing ever we got to hang out with Friday's all the time. Being a part of the Valley FM team was a great experience. Answering calls from locals for song requests and updating them on local stories. It is a great experience for anyone and it helped me come out my shell a bit more and open up. VNU is a great place for kids to interact with people they normally wouldn't and get to share and create exciting experiences and memories. I loved being a presenter back then and wish I could have come for the 10th anniversary"

Minty - 25 ...V10 - Valley Fm 2015

"I can recall sitting in the hub at the Academy when Lilias approached me about setting up a radio station and I also remember being bemused. I agreed and we set up a committee that included myself and some friends. This had never been done before in Bo'ness so the task was daunting. Businesses didn't take us seriously when we sought advertisement to raise money. Along with this, with help, we had to learn how to install the equipment, learn how to use it then learn how to create, plan and present a radio show. The first show was raw and rusty but our confidence grew as did our enjoyment. It was an early lesson in my life that you can achieve something to be proud of with the right amount of effort and attitude. I was even more pleased to continue presenting on ValleyFM for several years to come until work took over. It's great to see it still going strong in its 10th year and hearing new people get the chance to experience presenting over the air."

Blair - (21) ...V10 - Valley Fm 2015

"I enjoyed every minute of my time doing valley fm. Getting the chance to play the music that I listen to was a great feeling. I ended up becoming good pals with the rest of the committee and went on to study media at college because of it. And through valley fm I had the opportunity to visit India, which is still the best experience of my life. Cheers"

Megan - DJ Spangles (17) ...V1- Valley FM 2015

"When I started presenting at Valley FM, it was with my primary school so I didn't think much of it. However, when I started presenting by myself in high school, it changed my perspective on things. Ever since that first solo broadcast, I have been determined to make a career out of radio presenting, even going as far as to get my own weekly broadcast on a hospital radio station, as well as securing a place to study radio at college after the summer. Valley FM helped me realise my ambitions and I'll always be thankful for that My experience with Valley FM! Here's to 10 more years and even longer."

Megan - DJ Spangle ...V1- Valley FM 2015

"When I started presenting at Valley FM, it was with my primary school so I didn't think much of it. However, when I started presenting by myself in high school, it changed my perspective on things. Ever since that first solo broadcast, I have been determined to make a career out of radio presenting, even going as far as to get my own weekly broadcast on a hospital radio station, as well as securing a place to study radio at college after the summer. Valley FM helped me realise my ambitions and I'll always be thankful for that My experience with Valley FM! Here's to 10 more years and even longer."

Amy - (19) ...V10 - Valley Fm

"Valley fm has been going on for a few years and this year I have been invited back. Iv done it before and this year I'll do it again. It's a great experience and I'm looking faward to another year. Last year I done it with Lilias and before it's always been with a friend! Nervous to start with but there is nothing to be nervous about"

Rhys (16) ...10 presenter - Valley FM

"Valley FM (V10) well where to start its been a blast ive enjoyed it and ive had the most best experience ever from Valley FM 7 what valley fm or v10 means to me ?
well it means an awful lot to me since then i have had the most best experience ever it seems an awful lot of hard work it isnt to be honest you just have be yourself on air and have the best time of your life what made me do this ?
i was told by community youth worker Lilias Snedden about valley fm at the youth club in a friday night in 2012 i took part on the school show with grange primary the year before and didnt know that i could take part in V7 what made me come back to V8 ?
basically i just wanted to try it again and i had a ball this was the first year when Matthew Mitchell took part and we had an amazing couple of days broadcasting but we only got to 2 shows it was amazing what made me do V9 ? 
after v8 it made me even more exictied to do v9 in 2014 we only had two shows we planned even harder than the year before i was so focused i started to plan it even early and i had the best time of my life what made me come back again to V10?
basically it was the 10th anniversary of the show and i wanted to be involved and do even more for valley fm and it was my time to do it myself i wanted to have a try myself then a situation happened and i had to present on my own without any co presenters and it was even more and i had the best time i presented 6 times this year and i could have not asked for a better time and what a good way to celebrate 10 years of valley fm will i be back for V11 ?
yes i will be back for next year thanks to Owen Griffiths and other people who were a part of v10 this year il be on tonight again from 8pm catch yous then"

Megan (18) - Valley FM ...

"When I started presenting at Valley FM, it was with my primary school so I didn't think much of it. However, when I started presenting by myself in high school, it changed my perspective on things. Ever since that first solo broadcast, I have been determined to make a career out of radio presenting, even going as far as to get my own weekly broadcast on a hospital radio station, as well as securing a place to study radio at college after the summer. Valley FM helped me realise my ambitions and I'll always be thankful for that"

Vicki - Senior Management, Bo’ness Academy ...

"Delighted with Chloe’s progress. She really is developing into a mature and responsible young lady with a fantastic future ahead of her. I really appreciate your support and guidance with Chloe as it has certainly had a significant effect or her self-esteem and mental wellbeing."

Chloe (17) ...Volunteer

Being a part of the Avenue Youth team has opened a whole load of opportunities for me. It all started by me attending VNU youth cafe when I was 12years old which lead to me becoming a volunteer within that then opening a whole new range of different projects I am now now a part of Projects such as St Andrews Church Bounce Higher Programme which is closely linked with Avenue. I currently attend work experience down at the church also - and if it wasn't for this experience I wouldn't have had anything to put on my uni personal statement. Working as part of a close-knit team has improved my confidence and gave me a place where I feel my opinions are valued. There was a time in my life where the school had gave up with me but down to Lilias and the Avenue team I was apart of a practical team where I was appreciated and influenced good behaviour upon myself. If it hadn't been for me attending the youth cafe when I was in S1 I would probably be a mental mess as not only does Avenue deal with the practical life skill side of things, Lilias makes sure she spends a good amount of time making sure your emotional state is acceptable. There is a lot of time, energy and support invested into this project and I can 100% say it is all worth it.

Anna (18) ...Art Exhibition

I first started getting involved in Avenue when I was very young, I think I was twelve or thirteen. I attended the Youth Club in Bo’ness most Fridays for a long time. As I got older I attended the Youth Club less and less as life caught up with me, but the Youth Club itself was a major confidence boost and I enjoyed my time there. Once I was coming up for seventeen I began helping Lilias with some events such as facepainting and an art gallery, as I enjoy sketching and painting in my spare time. However, I was very sensitive about my art and it took a lot of convincing to get me to do these things. At the art gallery I was surrounded by so many great local artists and it was daunting, as I am more of a cartoon-style artist myself. Plus, I’m entirely self-taught so I don’t follow the normal laws of art (and occasionally the laws of physics). The art gallery helped to bring me more out of my shell and since then I have been more open about my work, not shying away from opportunities to show it off. I still find showing it off frightening, but I’m getting better all the time. As for Lilias herself, I have always looked up to her and she has been an inspiration to me throughout my teenage years, even though until recently my interactions with her have been far too few and far between. I am now eighteen and am heading to university to study Literature – If I’m honest, I think the confidence I’ve gained from my time at Avenue is at least partially responsible for me getting to university in the first place. I’m still drawing, and sometimes I think I would have given up ages ago if it wasn’t for Lilias, Avenue and its encouragements.

Girl 15years old ...Individual Support

I received this text from a girl I supported a year ago. As I knew someone who had gone through exactly the same as this girl. I asked the boy if he would mind writing a letter/story about what happened to him and how he felt. I had no idea as I had never gone though anything even similar. I gave it to her hoping it would help. Here is what she text me: So see how when I would come to see you on a Friday after school and one day you gave me a letter that someone had wrote for me. Well I was thinking, what if I did the same. So I’m going to write a letter/story about what I went through and how I got through it to be where I am today and maybe if your are helping someone through what I went through then you could give it to them and it might help them. So I will send it to you when its done, just going to start it tomorrow.

Mhari (21) ...India Youth Exchange visit to Scotland 2011

“So chuffed, in my core skills class doing my report on India and my talk on India too. Easy peasy”

Callum (14) ...VNU

“Going to VNU on Friday nights has allowed me the chance to work on personal qualities such as my social interacting skills, since I never socialised often. It has also given me the chance to find my skills and to find my challenging points. VNU has helped me develop self confidence and over all it gave me a place to escape to if I ever needed to get out. I enjoy going to venue because my friends go and it gives me a place to relax and have a laugh"

Rebekah (18) ...Platform Project

“I was involved in the platform project in Bo'ness. This involved a group of young people working with various groups in the community - like the community council- to regenerate an under-used steam railway platform in the town. Personally I really enjoyed it. I thought it was fun working with my friends and others in a project that meant something to the community. I gained confidence from having to speak to people like those in the community council whom I normally wouldn't have spoken with. I learned various skills like minute keeping and I'm sure these will be useful in the future. This project helped myself and others work towards our "Youth Achievement Awards". Also we gained recognition from our local paper. As it helped me to stand out from other candidates I wrote about my role in the platform project in my UCAS personal statement and I think that it helped make me look like a well rounded individual due to the diversity of roles to play and things to do within it. The only negative I can think of from the project is that it was quite slow moving though I don't think this is anyone's fault. Overall I think it was an extremely good project.”

Larissa (17) ...India Youth Exchange visit to Scotland 2009

“The leprosy colony was a happy place, despite the suffering of the people within it. As we walked in they sang to us with joy. We then went in to Pauls house, a small room, where all the medical procedures are done, this small room is also part of there home, it's hard to believe that such a place could be used for that, but it is. Next to there home is basically a pile of rubble, they told us of there plans to turn this into a small room that they could use for the medical procedures instead of there own living space. This would cost them £800, to us not that much, but for them it would take a long time to save this kind of money.”

Molly (15) ...Holiday Club

I'm Molly and this is my first little post. I feel so privileged! I'm fifteen and this will be my third year helping out at holiday club...wow, time flies! My first year I went along to help plan the groups and activities. It felt really good to have an input! I also helped do the preparation (art work) for the hall. I have no creative juices so I don't know what Lilias gave me...but I think it worked...might have been a nice dose of encouragement! I was also made a group leader with two other girls. Which was really good fun! Ever since I've helped with prep and lead a group...last year I was the leader of fourteen small children with only a couple of girls to help out! Chaotic but rewarding. One of the things Lilias asked me to put was why I help... Not a question easy to answer! But as I like lists I couldn't resist... 1. It breaks up your holidays a bit. Sounds like a weird reason but it makes me feel nice to know I have a set thing I'm doing in the holiday. Not subject to change, it will happen! 2. I like kids. All kids are beautiful and special and funny. 3. Volunteering makes me feel good. And I like to see children smile cause of me. It makes you feel so special and warm and fuzzy on the inside! 4. IT IS FUN!!! So yeah. If your asked to help out with holiday club... Do it! Seriously give it a shot. There are many roles in holiday club. If you don't want to be there with all the kids you could help at the prep week. If you don't like art, there's the drama. There's also being a group leader and helping with the games. So give it a try, say yes. You might regret it if you don't.

Pastor Raj from India ...India Youth Exchange visit to Scotland 2009

Words cannot suffice our Joy in having been with you all in that wonderful fortnightly ministry-cum-joy-ride !! We enjoyed every bit of it !! First and foremost I thank our God for making this miracle possible in giving us the visas !! There were times when our souls were crushed into an almost-defeat corner, but the prayers and well wishes of all our dear ones encouraged us and God opened the way at the best of times.... Thanks to Bro. Connarty !! Also we thank everyone who toiled to fund-raise for us through various means to see that we were there. We are proud of you. We hug you and say how much we appreciate your gesture of love. We were overwhelmed by your welcome at the airport with which our joy ride began !! We walked right into your warm home full of love, and then Vani and I stepped into the affectionate home of Albert and Martha. They took such a great care of us in spite of their busy schedules. Vani fell in love with the scenery outside the window and like a child would wait for the ferries to pass. As a matter of fact, she still misses that room .... !! We had the opportunity to spend time with the Monday Breakfast Club students.... Were amazed at how sincere they were to attend the club before their school classes !! Enjoyed being with them. The Tuesday Club with the aged stole our hearts and we enjoyed the singing and the games. I personally enjoyed singing "Country Roads" duet and dancing with the spirited ones ! We also did a few numbers which were well received. The care that was being given to the aged people touched my heart so much and moved me to tears. Our visits to the Schools were truly interesting. Touching the lives of the young students with our sharing and singing was such a blessing. And the way they responded gave us great encouragement. The exposure to the classrooms and our dialogues with the teachers gave us so much of newer knowledge. Were deeply touched with the kind gesture of the students of Blackness Primary School coming up with a donation for the children ministry! We felt so homely inside St. Andrew's Church. Everytime we walked in there, there were warm hearts and smiles waiting for us. (Not to mention the unlimited chockies, food, snacks, tea, coffee and fresh strawberries !!). And how Rae would thoughtfully nod our entry to the Apple laptops for the most-longed-after internet and Facebook.... ha ha The services at St. Andrew's were sincere and open-hearted reality. We felt the awesome presence of God there. Albert's messages are very meaningful and down-to-earth practical that covered every human being at all levels beckoning them to the saving grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ ! And being reminded that someone is watching us on iphone, we had to sit straight and concentrate all the time !! Our visits to various homes, specially Owen's, Virginia's, Margaret’s, Mike,s, Erica,s, Shubha's were very sentimental. We enjoyed the lunches, dinners and the fellowship !! They took such a great care of us and we are thankful. Your home was open to us anytime and we enjoyed the food & the fellowship there always with our sweet Capt. David guiding us ever so lovingly. You both were all the time with us. Your love is so precious. Our dear Brother Douglas and Sister Heather poured out their love upon us receiving us as their own. Can't forget the Breakfast boxes, butter, cheese, eggs, bread, and our sharing of various experiences and Bible Truths.... We enjoyed our stay with them.... Saying bye was truly painful. We couldn't help but weep. We felt honoured with our visits to the Fire Station and Police Station and we really enjoyed. They were so kind to take us in and explain every bit and made us participate in the demonstration. We are grateful to them. Our country visits were fabulous. We enjoyed visiting the farm and the hill country. The Caravan experience was very new and we enjoyed it. Thanks to Bro. Mike's family !! Our Silver Wedding Anniversary turned out to be memorable with the surprise party and gift from the Church. God bless you all for making it such a blessing for us. The opportunity to participate in the Fair Fest was such a blessing.... WE enjoyed every bit of it... !!

Stacey (17) ...India Youth Exchange 2008

I think a few of us as starting to feel a touch homesick as our ‘Scottishness’ is becoming more prominent. We’re only really missing our loved ones (and western toilets). Surprising what you realise you don’t need. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be on this trip. I already feel myself growing as a person. The others seem to be feeling very emotional about things too and I mean that in a good way. We probably don’t realise it just now, but this trip will have a significance on us that will affect us for the remainder of our lives. Meeting people with a completely different lifestyle here has been incredibly interesting.

Minty (18) ...India Youth Exchange 2008

My initial expectations and thoughts for the trip were varied. I want to make good use of my time here and feel as if I've contributed to something. The shock I felt when we got on to the bus to take us to where we're staying and seeing the stark contrast of poor and poorer. It was quite a culture shock. Looking around the bus, I could see that the other members of our travelling party (bar Lilias as she's been here before) were in the same state of shock. The Highway Code doesn't exist here and traffic is as chaotic as an overflowing, violent and erupting volcano. I can't wait to properly interact with the Indian people and experience their culture! In Primary 7 we had a project where we learned a lot about India but this is the real thing! It feels a bit like the kind of adventure you'd read in an old Oor Wullie annual. Raj, Captain Thacker and Raj's wife and daughter Sharon were at the airport waiting to welcome us. They were very hospitable and for that I'm grateful. I don't think that I could have came to India with a better group of people, we can co-operate and communicate with each other while still being able to look out for one another. I'm glad I'm about to embark on this spiritual and personal journey with the 7 people I see sitting around me. They're not just my travel companions, they're my friends. The next aim is to become friends with the Indian people. I'm sure we'll acheive that and our other goals while we're here. Emotionally, this will be a rollercoaster, good thing I'm a rollercoaster fan! =]

Arpana Sharon (18) from India ...India Youth Exchange 2008

Everyone's Cheerfulness and the wonderful little and big things they taught the kids and youngsters here are unforgettable. Teenagers from two different countries sharing with each other their new/true culture is what was exactly happening. We were able to relate our thoughts and have fun discovering new things! That very happening has definitely triggered in our hearts the desire to see the place they come from for real! Young, old or middle-aged! Well, they all count when it comes to thanking St Andrew's Church for the wonderful youngsters who shared so much with us when they were here. We are all looking forward to see them again soon. With the stories everyone's shared about Scotland, we've already started about being there some day. And when we do, we know we're going to love it. Thank you Lilias for this opportunity. I've bearly started doing this and I'm looking for words already? With the words I have, I'd like to let everyone of you out there know, the young people from Scotland have been nothing less than a great bunch of blessing for all of us. Their cheerfulness and the wonderful little and big things they taught the kids and youngsters here are unforgettable. Teenagers from two different countries sharing with each other their new/true culture is what was exactly happening. We were able to relate our thoughts and have fun discovering new things! That very happening has definitely triggered in our hearts the desire to see the place and come from for real!

Amy (18) ...Valley FM, Youth Cafe and India Youth Exchange

I was looking through some old recordings for previous Valley FM shows. I came across a recording of Amy's mum. Her Mum died a couple of years ago. I was able to send the recording to her. “Aw thanks very much it was really nice im so glad. i forgot what she sounded like but ill keep it forever”

Sophie (17) May 2013 ...VNU

I find that helping at VNU gives me an opportunity to mix with individuals who I wouldn't normally find myself in a position to talk to. It also gives me experience in understanding and listening to younger people's problems because they can talk to us without feeling pressured, as they are in a neutral environment. It's a lot of fun for the people who are helping out, as well as the younger people who attend, as there is music and the pool table and lots of other activities to take part in. I feel really calm and at home there, as helping out makes me feel quite responsible yet you can also have a good time with your friends, other people who help out and also those who attend.

Individual Support ...

I have came to st Andrews church to see Lilias so she can help me with a family thing. Ever scine I have came it has helped me so much I am not crying as much I am not worrying as much I really like coming here its very much fun.xxx ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

From a Mum ...Individual Support 2013

M has been seeing Lilias on a weekly basis for one to one support for about 4-5 months now. At the start she was very low, mixed up and emotional, we would have lots of tears and upset especially at night. It is taking time but I have seen a big improvement in her over the past few months emotionally and in her confidence. She still struggles occasionally with the issues she faces but uses the practical tools that Lilias has taught her to help her get through the low times. M likes enjoys doing practical things like baking, art work etc. and Lilias has used many different things like this to engage M in talking to her. Both M and I feel that the support she has received has been of massive benefit and I honestly don't know where we would be today without the help we have had. Before contacting the school I wasn't aware of the help that was available from Lilias. If there is anything that I feel that could be better would just be to advertise to the parents and the kids that there is help available completely confidential and done very sensitively.

Blair (17) ...India Youth Exchange 2011

So, our time here is almost up and looking back on it I’ve realized how important this journey was for us, well It was for me anyway. I didn’t really know what to expect of India, I was only really thinking about how horrible the food and toilet situations were going to be, they’ve been surprisingly good. What I never thought about was the country as a whole, how the people lived each day and what made them get up in the morning. Chennai is a very beautiful , chaotic city filled with so much colour and passion , everyone is constantly busy. Even though there Is a lot of poverty , it’s still a very warm and happy place to be for some reason. Despite only visiting for a short period, the orphanage has been my favourite part of the two weeks. Despite the kids have had very tough backgrounds, they still had the biggest of grins on their faces , very big hearts and not a care in the world. I’m just gutted we couldn’t have stayed longer. We only have two days left and I am starting to get home sick. I can’t wait to get home and it’s not because I’m getting bored of India, I don’t think that’s even possible, but I’m just missing my family, possessions and my own space too much. The main lesson India has taught me is too appreciate the life I have and the things I have in it. I always knew I would come away from India feeling like this, I just didn’t know it would be on such a big scale.

Benji from India ...India Youth Exchange visit to Scotland

Well to tell you the truth , i am at a loss of words at the whole experience .. Every bit of Scotland, Every single moment was a life changer to me. Well to start off i was just a regular guy in some random part of the world but God chose me to come and see Scotland and experience such amazing things that one cud simply say, ''i simply was blown off'' by it.. Well the whole experience not only showed me, how wonderful God is but it also made me realise how wonderful His love is.. The way , the passion with which Lilias ,David and the rest of the crew had worked so hard to bring us over there was just mind boggling.. In this selfish world to see such selfless and such immense passion towards spreading the love of God was heart touching and really moving .. The whole trip made me realise a lot of things in life .. And i learnt tht from each every thing that the church does.. Rite from the breakfast club to the tuesday club to the police and fire department support.. It made me realise that one not only has to have love of Jesus in their life but its also necessary that the same love need to be shared .. In this world where bibles are banned from schools and colleges, the lord had taught me an even better way to spread the gospel and that is to let our actions do the talking.. The whole experience has touched me so much that it made realise and confirm my own calling in life and to which when i realised i humbly submitted.. Iam pleased to let you know that, Godwilling i will be attending seminary school by july to learn and spread the gospel of christ in every single way possible. THIS IS ME SINCERELY THANKING YOU FOR EVERYTHING . Keep up the great work guys and may the lord be with you!

Becky From India ...India Youth Exchange visit to Scotland

Its the most memorable days in my life being in Scotland. It was so meaningful that God taught me lots and showed me what is Love. I felt blessed being there, god chosen me from many. I felt very happy being with you all and our Scotland friends. They most wonderful thing, I loved about Scotland is the way everyone welcomed as there family member. I love the service in the church. School Ministry is very close to my heart. The little children were keen knowing about Christ. Secondly the Old age day on Tuesday, It was lovely and touching being with them. I would love to thank U, David and family for caring us soo much.. I felt like my home there. Thanks to the Paster and family. I'm pleased to thank everyone there who invited us to there house, and cared us. My love and regards to my youth friends.

Sarah Clark - RMPS teacher Bo’ness Academy 22.4.2013 ...India Project - 1st years Bo'ness Academy

Four years ago a link between the RMPS Department at Bo’ness Academy and St Andrews Church formed. This link changed the way Christianity was taught at the Academy. Curriculum for Excellence requires our young people to learn about Christianity in Scotland and in the modern world. Lilias Snedden has played a fundamental role in helping our pupils to learn about Christianity in their town and how Christians in Bo’ness are influenced by their faith to care for others around the world. The opportunities Lilias has given us have been so interesting and exciting and very much embodying the principals of Curriculum for Excellence. Lilias has helped our pupils to learn about life in India and created links where our pupils can put their learning into action and complete project tasks that will touch the lives of young people in India. We are very lucky to have someone as inspirational as Lilias working with us.

Stacey (17) ...VNU

During second year I heard about the youth cafe through my friends, so one Friday I went and I found it to be a good laugh. There was an Xbox, Wii, PS3, good music and a few computers, it was a great place to go on a Friday night as you got to see your friends and have great time with them. Every year there was a chance to go to Alton Towers and a few disco’s which the money went towards fundraising. As a helper now it is great. You get to help around with setting up before and clearing up after the youth cafe, helping out the younger ones and making sure that they are behaving. It is a great place to go as you get to see your friends, and also help with organising events.

Heather (17) ...VNU 2012

We always have an amazing time at youth club and i would be so grateful to be there helping out every friday night. Thanks again

Ellie (15) ...VNU

Thanks a lot for the fantastic Youth Club last night. It was A LOT of fun! smile!

Community Police Officer ...VNU

VNU on a Friday night is like having another two police officers on the street.

Minty (24) ...Valley FM, Youth Cafe and India Youth Exchange

That’s me officially sworn into the RAF. I know I haven’t seen you for ages but thinks for all the support and advice you’ve given me over the past few years. You helped me get out of a bad place in my life after my Dad died by encouraging me to get involved in things and over time it really helped me get some confidence back. So thanks. I’ve just completed an expedition in Snowdonia, living off ration packs and camping up mountains. Wouldn’t have had the confidence to go for this sort of thing if it hadn’t been for the stuff I did through the Church. My sergeants and corporals were very impressed when I told them about Valley FM and the India trip.

Abbie (17) ...Individual Support 2013

I first started attending meetings at the age of 15. When I first started going I was on a really bad path. I cut my wrists, resented my parents, trusted no one, bottled my emotions, lashed out in anger and even attempted to comit suicide. After weekly meetings I began to open up. It meant a lot to me that I could talk to someone in confidence and not be judged. If I didn’t receive the help and support I got I probably would be be able to talk about how I used to be, my issures or I would be dead. I will for ever be in the debt to these people and would love everyone and anyone who needs the help to receive it. Life changing doesn’t begin to describe the benefits because giving someone hope for the future is the greatest gift of all.

Chelsea ...Individual Support 2013

I met lilias through the youth club I used to go to with my friends every friday night after school. Everyone loves her,shes like everyones best friend, you can tell her anything. The last 6 months have been hard as the relationship with my mum was in teathers and school was just a place of frustration and anger. Times I wanted to just run away and never come back. I finially had the courage to go to my doctor and she put a referral in for me to speek to someone but it never came to anything. At school thing were just getting beyond a joke,gettin sent out every period,swearing and just bursting into rages at the slightest things. My house leader mrs reid got in contact with lilias and arranged for me to meet her every tuesday after school at st andrews church. I knew right away I could trust her and told her everything about my upbringing and the difficulties I had at both home and school and she helped me realise that not everyone was against me. There were people on my side. Ive had 2 social workers in the past but they both broke my trust. Lilias was more like a friend than anything else. She was always there when I needed to talk and she even rushed up to the school when I was going to jump off the school roof! She has made me the person I am today and I cannot express how thankful I am. She is truly a lifesaver! The work she does for the people in our community is unbeliveable.

Mechelle (18) ...Away to University

I am missing doing all the volunteering the now. Wish there was more to do in Edinburgh. Hope all is well in Bo'ness! smile

Louise Clarke - Bo’ness Academy ...House Captain - Bo'ness Academy - 2012

Sophie was interviewed for the position of Forth House captain on Friday 7th September 2012. During her interview, she mentioned how the Youth Work that she carries out has greatly improved her confidence, her ability to work with others as part of a team but also as a leader. I witnessed this as part of her team at team building and she was a very fair and considerate leader who encouraged the rest of her team. Sophie believes that her communication skills have improved as a result and she really came across as a strong candidate in the interviews. She had very strong competition with 13 pupils competing for 4 positions and I am pleased to tell you she was successful.

Drew (12) ...Holiday Club 2012

Drew: What have you done to my sister, Lilias: Why, Drew: because she’s singing Jesus songs

Charlotte (15) ...Bo'ness Has Talent 2010

i think more people took part than before because people saw what the last time was like and loved it. i dunno about anyone else but i've been getting compliments all week because of it! it was a amazing experience i'm so glad i took part

Liam (15) ...Bo'ness Has Talent 2010

tonight was amazing words could not describe how i felt playing guitar in front of lots of people :D

Megan (14) ...Bo'ness Has Talent 2010

omg the talent show wis awesome everyone was amazing likes, i did terrible. lol oh well it wis a laff

Kayleigh (13) - 18.8.10 ...Facepainting

During the Face Painting in Stenhousemuir. Kayleigh was looking around the crowd. She said with a massive smile on her face. "Wooow that all my faces out there…. I painted them."

Claire Buchanan - Bo’ness Academy - Pupil Support - 26.4.13 ...About young person who attends Breakfast Club

his attendance over the past two months has improved drastically. He has worked hard to raise his attendance rate from 48% to 58.33%. This is obviously heading in the right direction and I know that without the support you and your service provide, it would have been a longer, more drawn out process to reach this goal. Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to everyone involved.

Teri (13) 4.4.13 ...Breakfast Club

I really enjoy coming to breakfast Club but I think it should be everyday. Lilias is very understandable. If you are upset or down in the dumps Lilias will always cheer you up. I think Lilias is very good with kids. Lilias is funny every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She always has a smile on her face. On Mondays we have pancakes. On Wednesday its our choice and on Fridays we got bacon rolls. Please allow the Breakfast Club to keep running.

Scott (15) 5.5.13 ...Breakfast Club

I like the breakfast club because its free food, and free lift to school, good laugh. Food good. I started coming because I got a free lift to school and food. I found out about it because I spoke to Lilias at Youth club. Could be improved by letting us play football in the hall.

Claire (18) - 14.2.13 ...Volunteer at Breakfast Club

As a young volunteer I enjoy helping at the breakfast club and Friday night youth café. Recently I’ve been noticing a change in the attitude of one of the boys. This is mainly because of him getting used to me being there at both of these functions. I’ve been partnered up with him in the school library registration to help with his reading and spelling skills and I have noticed a huge difference in his behaviour as a result of the breakfast club. I think this is because the calming environment in the morning helps him concentrate before school.

Gordon Samson - Deputy Chief Constable, Central Scotland Police - 25.10.12 ...After visiting Breakfast Club

"Early on Friday morning, 15th June 2012, I had the pleasure of attending at the St Andrews Church Breakfast Club, Bo'ness. Despite being the Scottish summer it was a cold, wet and miserable morning (not surprising!). However, I was delighted and warmed by what I found inside the club, engaging volunteers looking after young children in a supportive setting, caring for those who, for a variety of reasons, were less fortunate or required that additional "boost" that a good breakfast, caring company and support can provide. Children of varying ages enjoying mutual support and exposure to a variety of resources and experiences from a caring group which undoubtedly meets their short term needs and provides an environment for them to trust, enjoy and grow into good citizens. The bacon rolls were excellent too!"

John Spowart ...VFM Presenter

Along with my younger son Iain, I co-host a rock show on Valley FM. Iain does all the technical stuff but together we play rock music old and new as well as enjoying some banter with each other while responding to incoming requests from listeners. The first year I chose the old music while Iain chose the newer stuff, but the following year we reversed with me having to work hard to research and pick out some good new tracks... Both Iain and I enjoyed doing the shows, we appreciated sharing the time, as well as our mutual interest in music...