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Ooty Pastor Raj’s Home Town .

22 Feb 2013 @ 8:39am Posted by Lynsey 0 comments

After our safari we headed back to Ooty and visited the house were Raj grew up and his brother still lives there its over a hundred years old ! It was amazing to see after that we all went to visit another brother and his sister-in-law , we also met his niece and great niece Sweetie can't get used to being called Auntie it seems so strange . We were treated to a lovely cup of tea and cake ! It was great to see where Raj grew up and met Vanitha and learn a little about his life . Ooty is such a lovely place high up in the mountains the air is so fresh compared to the air back here in Chennai . Thank you Raj for sharing this with us <3 

 Lynsey xxx


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