India Youth Exchange

Young people who are actively taking part and volunteering within other Avenue projects are given the opportunity to travel to India to visit St. Andrew's Church's various partner projects in Chennai, India.  One project is Sangita Orphanage, which houses nearly 80 children aged 2 -11, and provides tutoring classes for children. We spend time with Pastors Raj and Vanitha visiting their social outreach projects.  A tailoring class for women.  Tutoring classes from children and Sunday School.

Young people also travel by train to Dindigul, where they pay a visit to the Martha Medical Clinic - named after Martha Bogle; wife to our minster at St. Andrew's Church, the Right Rev Albert Bogle.  There is also many opportunities to meet Indian people within their own homes and, most of all, experience first-hand the Indian culture and lifestyle.

Young people from India came to Bo'ness in 2009 to see our social outreach programmes and also experience Scottish culture.

Sarah Clark -RMPS teacher at Bo'ness Academy re-designed her Christian topic for 1st years pupils.  She decided practical help would be good for young people to experience.  The first project was making stars which was sent to Pastor Raj and Sangita Orphanage around Christmas time just to let them know there were young people in Scotland thinking about them.  Second project was for the 1st years to make up bags for sending out to Children in Raj Sunday school.  Third year project was for 1st years to make t-shirts and friendship bracelets to be sent to Sangita Orphanage.  This years project was designing teaching materials for Pastor Raj tutoring classes.  Picture can be viewed in the media section of this web page.


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Quote from Sarah Clark

"Four years ago a link between the RMPS Department at Bo’ness Academy and St Andrews Church formed.  This link changed the way Christianity was taught at the Academy.  Curriculum for Excellence requires our young people to learn about Christianity in Scotland and in the modern world.  Lilias Snedden has played a fundamental role in helping our pupils to learn about Christianity in their town and how Christians in Bo’ness are influenced by their faith to care for others around the world.  The opportunities Lilias has given us have been so interesting and exciting and very much embodying the principals of Curriculum for Excellence.  Lilias has helped our pupils to learn about life in India and created links where our pupils can put their learning into action and complete project tasks that will touch the lives of young people in India.  We are very lucky to have someone as inspirational as Lilias working with us."

quote from Blair who visited India in 2011

"So, our time here is almost up and looking back on it I’ve realized how important this journey was for us, well It was for me anyway. I didn’t really know what to expect of India, I was only really thinking about how horrible the food and toilet situations were going to be, they’ve been surprisingly good. What I never thought about was the country as a whole, how the people lived each day and what made them get up in the morning. Chennai is a very beautiful , chaotic city filled with so much colour and passion , everyone is constantly busy. Even though there Is a lot of poverty , it’s still a very warm and happy place to be for some reason. Despite only visiting for a short period, the orphanage has been my favourite part of the two weeks. Despite   the kids have had very tough backgrounds, they still had the biggest of grins on their faces , very big hearts and not a care in the world. I’m just gutted we couldn’t have stayed longer.
  We only have two days left and I am starting to get home sick. I can’t wait to get home and it’s not because I’m getting bored of India, I don’t think that’s even possible, but I’m just missing my family, possessions and my own space too much. The main lesson India has taught me is too appreciate the life I have and the things I have in it. I always knew I would come away from India feeling like this, I just didn’t know it would be on such a big scale

      Blair (18)  


Quote from Becky after her visit to Scotland:

I would love to share my experience in Scotland, thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Its the most memorable days in my life being in Scotland. It was so meaningful that God taught me lots and showed me what is Love.

I felt blessed being there, god chosen me from many. I felt very happy being with you all and our Scotland friends. They most wonderful thing, I loved about Scotland is the way everyone welcomed as there family member. I love the service in the church. School Ministry is very close to my heart. The little children were keen knowing about Christ. Secondly the Old age day on Tuesday, It was lovely and touching being with them. I would love to thank U, David and family for caring us soo much.. I felt like my home there. Thanks to the Paster and family. I'm pleased to thank everyone there who invited us to there house,
and cared us. My love and regards to my youth friends.

I Miss Scotland badly, especially the church, Ur house and the park we used to play.
Would love to visit to Scotland again and be with you all..

Becky (17)


quote from Benjamin (17) after his visit to Scotland

"Well to tell you the truth , i am at a loss of words at the whole experience .. Every bit of Scotland, Every single moment was a life changer to me. Well to start off i was just a regular guy in some random part of the world but God chose me to come and see Scotland and experience such amazing things that one cud simply say, ''i simply was blown off'' by it.. Well the whole experience not only showed me, how wonderful God is but it also made me realise how wonderful His love is.. The way , the passion with which Lilias ,David and the rest of the crew had worked so hard to bring us over there was just mind boggling.. In this selfish world to see such selfless and such immense passion towards spreading the love of God was heart touching and really moving .. The whole trip made me realise a lot of things in life .. And i learnt tht from each every thing that the church does.. Rite from the breakfast club to the tuesday club to the police and fire department support.. It made me realise that one not only has to have love of Jesus in their life but its also necessary that the same love need to be shared .. In this world where bibles are banned from schools and colleges, the lord had taught me an even better way to spread the gospel and that is to let our actions do the talking.. The whole experience has touched me so much that it made realise and confirm my own calling in life and to which when i realised i humbly submitted.. Iam pleased to let you know that, Godwilling i will be attending seminary school by july to learn and spread the gospel of christ in every single way possible and if at al i ever ve to thank anybody , It undoubtedly would be Lilias,David, Ps.Albert and Martha for the wonderful gift that you gave us with all the memories and the wonderful friends that you gave us a chance to make ,THIS IS ME SINCERELY THANKING YOU FOR EVERYTHING .."

Project Stats

When: No set timeframe; whenever a group is set up (typically every 1-2 years).

Open to: Young people aged 18-25.

Cost: Cost varies, depending on how much funds are raised by teams prior to their journey.