The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club was set up to encourage young people to attend school punctually. It was started by young people from Bo'ness Academy and it has proved to have been a success being recognised by Falkirk Council Community Education Services awarding young people with certificates. The Breakfast Club was awarded runner up in the Kellogs Breakfast Club Awards. The group has grown from 3 to 15 young people attending regularly. Breakfast Club runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during school term.

At the CVS 2013 awards ceremony held in the Inchyra Grange Hotel the Breakfast Club received runner up for Outstanding Achievement in Health and wellbeing 2013.

Recently we received donations from Central Scotland Police charity fund for which we are extremely thank ful.

Some quotes from Police Scotland, Bo'ness Academy, volunteer who help and young people who come along.

“As a young volunteer I enjoy helping at the breakfast club and Friday night youth café. Recently I’ve been noticing a change in the attitude of one of the boys. This is mainly because of him getting used to me being there at both of these functions. I’ve been partnered up with him in the school library registration to help with his reading and spelling skills and I have noticed a huge difference in his behaviour as a result of the breakfast club. I think this is because the calming environment in the morning helps him concentrate before school”. Claire (17 years)

Police Scotland:

"Early on Friday morning, 15th June 2012, I had the pleasure of attending at the St Andrews Church Breakfast Club, Bo'ness. Despite being the Scottish summer it was a cold, wet and miserable morning (not surprising!). However, I was delighted and warmed by what I found inside the club, engaging volunteers looking after young children in a supportive setting, caring for those who, for a variety of reasons, were less fortunate or required that additional "boost" that a good breakfast, caring company and support can provide. Children of varying ages enjoying mutual support and exposure to a variety of resources and experiences from a caring group which undoubtedly meets their short term needs and provides an environment for them to trust, enjoy and grow into good citizens. The bacon rolls were excellent too!" (Gordon Samson l T/Deputy Chief Constable l Central Scotland Police)

"I really enjoy coming to breakfast Club but I think it should be everyday.  Lilias is very understandable.  If you are upset or down in the dumps Lilias will always cheer you up.  I think Lilias is very good with kids.  Lilias is funny every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  She always has a smile on her face.  On Mondays we have pancakes.  On Wednesday its our choice and on Fridays we got bacon rolls.  Please allow the Breakfast Club to keep running." (Teri 13)

"attendance over the past two months has improved drastically. He has worked hard to raise his attendance rate from 48% to 58.33%. This is obviously heading in the right direction and I know that without the support you and your service provide, it would have been a longer, more drawn out process to reach this goal. Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to everyone involved."(Claire - Pupil Support, Bo'ness Academy)

I like the breakfast club because its free food, and free lift to school, good laugh.  Food good.  I started coming because I got a free lift to school and food.  I found out about it because I spoke to Lilias at Youth club.  Could be improved by letting us play football in the hall. (scott 15)