Valley FM

Reaching Out Across The Waves

A youth based radio project for the community of Bo’ness where young people take the lead.  A team of young people in S4 upwards are inaugurated as a VFM committee each year, and they are encouraged to meet local businesses in the town to gain sponsorship for the station.  Young people attend the Head Teacher cluster meeting and lead the presentation to encourage the Heads of each primary school to participate.  Young presenters learn new skill in presenting their own two hour show taking full responsibility for the songs they play and the language they use during their show. The young people train primary pupils and other members of the community to broadcast on the radio.    Valley FM is onto its 8th year of broadcasting and has proven over the years to be a sustainable project.  Some young people who have been part of a Valley FM committee in the past are now part of the Youth Management Team for planning of other Avenue projects.

Comments from participants:

V10 - Valley Fm celebrated 10 years of broadcast in 2015

Rhys McDonald – Involved in Valley Fm 2013,  2014 and 2015. (age 15)

"Valley FM (V10) well where to start its been a blast ive enjoyed it and ive had the most best experience ever from Valley FM 7

what valley fm or v10 means to me ?
well it means an awful lot to me since then i have had the most best experience ever it seems an awful lot of hard work it isnt to be honest you just have be yourself on air and have the best time of your life

what made me do this ?
i was told by community youth worker Lilias Snedden about valley fm at the youth club in a friday night in 2012 i took part on the school show with grange primary the year before and didnt know that i could take part in V7

what made me come back to V8 ?
basically i just wanted to try it again and i had a ball this was the first year when Matthew Mitchell took part and we had an amazing couple of days broadcasting but we only got to 2 shows it was amazing

what made me do V9 ? 
after v8 it made me even more exictied to do v9 in 2014 we only had two shows we planned even harder than the year before i was so focused i started to plan it even early and i had the best time of my life

what made me come back again to V10?
basically it was the 10th anniversary of the show and i wanted to be involved and do even more for valley fm and it was my time to do it myself i wanted to have a try myself then a situation happened and i had to present on my own without any co presenters and it was even more and i had the best time i presented 6 times this year and i could have not asked for a better time and what a good way to celebrate 10 years of valley fm

will i be back for V11 ?
yes i will be back for next year

thanks to Owen Griffiths and other people who were a part of v10 this year il be on tonight again from 8pm catch yous then"


  A quote from Amy Cochrane
 - Involved for 4 years. ( aged 19)

"Valley fm has been going on for a few years and this year I have been invited back. Iv done it before and this year I'll do it again. It's a great experience and I'm looking faward to another year. Last year I done it with Lilias and before it's always been with a friend! Nervous to start with but there is nothing to be nervous about"

A quote from Megan Scott - DJ Spangles
 - Involved for 10 years. (aged 19)

"When I started presenting at Valley FM, it was with my primary school so I didn't think much of it. However, when I started presenting by myself in high school, it changed my perspective on things. Ever since that first solo broadcast, I have been determined to make a career out of radio presenting, even going as far as to get my own weekly broadcast on a hospital radio station, as well as securing a place to study radio at college after the summer. Valley FM helped me realise my ambitions and I'll always be thankful for that My experience with Valley FM! Here's to 10 more years and even longer."


A quote from Blair McKenzie - 2009 team (age 21)

"I enjoyed every minute of my time doing valley fm. Getting the chance to play the music that I listen to was a great feeling. I ended up becoming good pals with the rest of the committee and went on to study media at college because of it. And through valley fm I had the opportunity to visit India, which is still the best experience of my life. Cheers"


A quote from Minty. One of the very first voices on Valley Fm 10 years ago. (age 25)

"I can recall sitting in the hub at the Academy when Lilias approached me about setting up a radio station and I also remember being bemused. I agreed and we set up a committee that included myself and some friends. This had never been done before in Bo'ness so the task was daunting. Businesses didn't take us seriously when we sought advertisement to raise money. Along with this, with help, we had to learn how to install the equipment, learn how to use it then learn how to create, plan and present a radio show. The first show was raw and rusty but our confidence grew as did our enjoyment. It was an early lesson in my life that you can achieve something to be proud of with the right amount of effort and attitude. I was even more pleased to continue presenting on ValleyFM for several years to come until work took over. It's great to see it still going strong in its 10th year and hearing new people get the chance to experience presenting over the air."


A quote from Stacey Duncan – (age19)

"I remember hearing about Valley FM the first time when I was in primary school. But it wasn't until I was at the academy and had been going to the youth club for a while with my friends that Victoria and I volunteered to do show. We were so excited by the fact that we got to present our own slot on a radio station. Going there every Friday was the best thing ever we got to hang out with Friday's all the time. Being a part of the Valley FM team was a great experience. Answering calls from locals for song requests and updating them on local stories. It is a great experience for anyone and it helped me come out my shell a bit more and open up.

VNU is a great place for kids to interact with people they normally wouldn't and get to share and create exciting experiences and memories. I loved being a presenter back then and wish I could have come for the 10th anniversary"

This is from Jennifer – Presenter 2009 – (age 20)

"Aw it was so long ago haha! Emmm.. my time on valley fm was great fun. It was a laugh and everyone was really friendly. I am happy to have had the chance to take part in valley fm, even if it was only the once!"


Hollie Beth (age 28)

"I was volunteering with the Youth Group and involved in the Academy Lunch Time Radio when we decided to launch Valley FM. It was a pretty big idea, and a lot of people didn't think it would ever make it out of the planning stages. But all our volunteers and young people pulled together to create a week of great, individual broadcasts. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my love of musicals over the airwaves. And the fact that it is still going strong 10 years later is a testament to the young people of Bo'ness, and all our amazing volunteers who continue to create new opportunities that allow our younger generation to grow and develop their confidence within the local community, and help them find their way in this world. Thank you to everyone involved over the last 10 years, here's tot he next 10!
Hollie-Beth Horn Xx"


Gary McNamara – helped out with first Valley Fm organizing team – (age 23)

"Well what can I say blast from the past was amazing to go back to valley fm studio. Where it felt like I never been away it's amazing that valley fm was a hard project to put together. Just wow to believe that valley fm has grow and has become apart of Bo'ness which is the dream we had from the start. But I think there a new dream for valley fm with it family growing year in and out the dream will always be endless and myself will always be apart of it and it to me"

Project Stats

When: Annually; leading up to the Bo'ness Fair Day.

Open to: All ages!

Cost: Up to £4000 each year, which is fundraised by the Valley FM team