Fridays have never been better...

Every Friday night, Avenue opens the doors to young people from S1 to S6 who are looking to socialise, chill out and have a bit of a laugh.  VNU provides games consoles, internet access, a pool table, big screen entertainment, cookery, theme nights and our own resident DJ on a weekly basis every Friday night*.

The management team, who run VNU, is made up of a dozen young volunteers between the ages of 16 to 25; all of whom love sharing in the party and fun-loving atmosphere VNU aims to bring its members week in, week out.

*Please note that despite our efforts to run every Friday, this is not always possible.  Check out our facebook page for week-to-week updates on VNU's running schedule.



Sophie says:

"I find that helping at VNU gives me an opportunity to mix with individuals who I wouldn't normally find myself in a position to talk to. It also gives me experience in understanding and listening to younger people's problems because they can talk to us without feeling pressured, as they are in a neutral environment. It's a lot of fun for the people who are helping out, as well as the younger people who attend, as there is music and the pool table and lots of other activities to take part in. I feel really calm and at home there, as helping out makes me feel quite responsible yet you can also have a good time with your friends, other people who help out and also those who attend." 


Stacey says:

"During second year I heard about the youth cafe through my friends, so one Friday I went and I found it to be a good laugh. There was an Xbox, Wii, PS3, good music and a few computers, it was a great place to go on a Friday night as you got to see your friends and have great time with them. Every year there was a chance to go to Alton Towers and a few disco’s which the money went towards fundraising. As a helper now it is great. You get to help around with setting up before and clearing up after the youth cafe, helping out the younger ones and making sure that they are behaving. It is a great place to go as you get to see your friends, and also help with organising events."


Police Officer says:  VNU on a Friday night is like having another two police officers on the street.


pupil support teacher says:  "he really enjoyed attending the youth club. He made everyone laugh so he was happy. That’s a direct quote. He doesn’t understand why people would see him going as a positive or have noticed the positive changes  in him but he is glad to be able to go somewhere and dance around and be a general “numpty.”

Project Stats

When: (Most) Friday nights, 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Open to: Anyone in S1-S6.

Cost: 50p entry.